AutoNsider with Daryl Killian

Sat: 10AM-12PM

WAOK’s Daryl Killian is the “AutoNsider”… broadcasting each Saturday morning from 10:00 a.m. 'til 12 Noon.

Daryl is a home-grown, “Morehouse Man”… who’s Automotive career spans 20 years including sales, service and management positions right here in Atlanta representing brands as diverse as Mercedes, GMC, Pontiac, Acura, Honda, Subaru, used car wholesaling and more!

Daryl’s weekly call-in show offers tips for buying, selling, maintaining and simply enjoying automobiles. The show was born from the endless inquiries from friends and associates about everything from “when should I change my oil?”, to “when does the new (fill in the blank) come out?”.

WAOK listeners can expect advice, in terms that they can easily understand, as well as insight into the “auto world” from an “insiders’” perspective.

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    Mitsubishi Outlander
    Bob Jackson| Entercom Atlanta
    May 24, 2019 - 2:27 pm



    Champ of exactly what?

    Let’s start with “Champ of the most rows at the lowest price of any SUV out there today.”

    And those are leather-lined rows…all...

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    2019 Toyota Tundra 1794 4X4
    Bob Jackson | Entercom Atlanta
    May 14, 2019 - 1:33 pm

    So how do you call a fifty-thousand dollar pickup a “bargain”?

    When it’s priced several thousand dollars under its competition.

    Yes...with tricked-out heavy-haulers approaching six...

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    Mazda Miata MX-5
    April 30, 2019 - 1:30 pm

    It’s going on 30 years now.  Most relationships don’t last that long.

    But Mazda’s little two-seater has been warming the hearts of genuine sports car aficionados since the 1990 model year...

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    Lexus ES350 Ultra Lux
    Entercom Atlanta | Bob Jackson
    April 26, 2019 - 2:13 pm

    So after 30 years, what might be left to say about Lexus’ latest ES sedan?

    How ‘bout this:  If you’re planning to lease a luxury sedan, pick any one you like.

    Today’s vehicles are so...

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    KIA Optima SX Turbo
    Bob Jackson | Entercom Atlanta
    April 10, 2019 - 1:30 pm

    So what have we got here…a half-price Audi?

    That’s how I felt when I fired up KIA’s re-styled top-of-the-line Turbo Optima for the first time.

    And no…Audi’s A4 and A6 offer a bit more...

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    BMW X5
    Bob Jackson | Entercom
    April 05, 2019 - 8:12 pm

    If you’ve got it…why not?

    I mean, who doesn’t relish the ability to literally explode forward…even uphill?  To bound over railroad crossings and potholes with barely a ripple?


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     Mazda 6 Signature
    Bob Jackson / Entercom Atlanta
    March 20, 2019 - 5:45 pm

    Guess who’s trying to punch above their weight class these days?

    Yep.   Mazda.

    And they’re leading with an uppercut that they call their new “Signature” series.

    We had a chance...

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     Hyundai Santa Fe XL
    Bob Jackson / Entercom Atlanta
    March 13, 2019 - 5:45 pm

    My Bride and I had a chance to take Hyundai’s new-for’19 three-row Santa Fe to the beach for a week. 

    Just the two of us.

    I thought this XL-sized Santa Fe might be a bit more vehicle...

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    subaru forester touring
    Bob Jackson / Entercom Atlanta
    March 06, 2019 - 5:15 pm

    I didn’t expect quite so much.

    Not that I didn’t know that Subaru has been on fire for years now.   They’re one of the few manufacturers who’s sales have been surging for the past couple of...