Is Thinking About Your Ex Helpful or Harmful in Your New Relationship?

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Wednesday, July 10th
Love and Relationships producer Sean Garvey, along with co-hosts Gaby Bell and CJ, had a roundtable discussion on past and present relationships. The theme for this recent edition of the program is called "Old Flame vs. New Flame," and the topic question is "Can it be harmful or helpful to think about your ex while you are in a new relationship?" 

Special guests author Tanisha Mackin, podcasters Lipstick & Cognac weighed in on the conversation to bring their own unique perspective to the topic. "Think it's 50/50, but more or less, it's a little harmful because you start the comparison and you start to think well he wouldn't do that or things of that nature," says Mackin as she responded to the topic question. However, Cognac thinks it's helpful to think about your ex while you are in a new relationship. "I think it's helpful to teach you the bull you could go through next time. You learn a lot of bull from your ex, so you be like look I don't like how you walked in the room. We're not going to work." 

Bell and Mackin also shared testimonies on why the past relationships with other people didn't work out and how the thought of their exes affects their current relationships. 

Listen to the segment above: