The Do's and Don'ts of Dating and Relationships in 2020​

WAOKAM: On-Demand
Thursday, January 16th
Sean Garvey, C.J., and Gabby Bell discussed what couples should and should not do to help improve their relationships in 2020. 

Garvey, Bell, and C.J. invited a panel of guests to examine and discussed new rules they feel should be put in place to avoid making the same mistakes in the dating scene from the previous years. The topic questions are included in the following. 
Should we continue to do the "Meet-Up" before the actual date in 2020? 
Can we allow more women to approach men in the dating scene in 2020?
Can interracial relationships and interracial dating thrive in 2020? 
Is it okay to date multiple people at the same time in 2020? 
Should couples continue to have phone sex in 2020? 

Spoken word artist Poetic Pleasure, life coaches R.J. Hodges and Sha'ria Thomas weighed in on the conversation and shared some new rules for singles looking to leave bad relationships in the past for a better new year. 

Listen to the recent highlights from the first New Year's edition of Love & Relationships and Friends above.