School Days Premieres on WAOK with Discussion on Education, Virtual Learning, and More

WAOKAM: On-Demand
Wednesday, August 5th
On Point with Juandolyn Stokes new segment School Days makes its first debut on WAOK. During the premiere, Stokes discusses education, virtual learning, parents, and teachers adjusting to the new normal of schools reopening amid COVID-19. 

Special guests Vickie B. Turner (Vice-Chair on the DeKalb Board of Education) and Dr. Tanyetta Goodjiones-Marilla (Elementary School Counselor) weighed in on the conversation as they shared their thoughts on the new changes affecting the school system; including safety concerns for students entering or re-entering school and what the community can do to remain proactive in their kids education. 

Turner and Dr. Marilla also discussed what education means to them as educators in the school system. 

Listen to the discussion above.