“Ready to Love” Cast Reunion & Finding Love on Reality T.V.

WAOKAM: On-Demand
Wednesday, October 9th
Is it possible to find love on a reality T.V. show? Some of the cast members from season one of the OWN Network reality series Ready to Love came in to share their perspectives. Ready to Love is a dating series produced by Will Packer and distributed by Lighthearted Entertainment.

The show consists of successful adults between the ages of 30 to 40 seeking love in the Atlanta area and are ready to commit. However, is it possible to find love on a reality T.V. show? Shea Styles, DJ Stormy, Alexx Blanks, and Aaron Cotteral sat down with us at WAOK to share their journey from the show. The crew explained in a two-hour interview the good, the bad, and the challenges they had to face while being on set.

Although the four cast members did not last with their love interest, they explained how they found life-long friendships with each other.