Operation Kidsafe International Founder Mark Bott Interview

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Friday, June 8th
Operation Kidsafe International and the team at Volkswagen of Marietta is presenting the Operation Kidsafe Regional Child Safety Day this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m at Volkswagen of Marietta. The objective is to gear up parents for a family safety plan in the event a child is missing or in immediate danger. The free event is inviting all parents and guardians of children (ages 1 and older) to come and receive a complimentary child safety document, which includes a digital photo and a fingerprint of their child. All young attendees will go through a screening where they will have their picture taken by a professional photographer and fingerprinted for background check purposes. Each parent and guardian will then receive a copy of his or her child’s safety document to have for safekeeping. Each child's headshot and information will be on one page, including their name, date of birth, age, height, and weight to name a few. This method is a more convenient and quicker way for parents to present the safety document to their local authorities in the event their child is missing. All information about each child will be confidential and will not be in the database. First responders will be on site to help attendees in need of medical attention during the event. Operation Kidsafe International founder Mark Bott discuss more about this important event and how parents can get involved to receive their complimentary safety kit for their children.