Insecurities: A Universal Language between Men and Women

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Thursday, May 23rd
On this recent edition of Love and Relationships with Joyce Littel, special guest host Spirit talks to her panel of guests about insecurities and the people who experience these type of emotions when involved in a relationship.

The discussion stems from comments made by Ayesha Curry, who appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook live show ‘Red Table Talk.’

Curry, who is the wife of NBA superstar Steph Curry, stated during her guest appearance on the program that she doesn’t receive plenty of “male attention,” due to the fact she is married to a famous basketball player.

In part one of this edition, Spirit presents a poll question to her listeners and guests on insecurities. Who is more insecure? Men or Women? The panel of guests includes Eldridge Washington, Janet Jack, Jeff “Mr. Moody” Robinson, Lisa Pope, and Shawn Robinson (Mr. Moody’s wife).

Listen to part one of the discussion above: