Black Millennial and Generation Zers Share Thoughts on 2020 Presidential Debate

WAOKAM: On-Demand
Saturday, August 10th
The political climate across the U.S. is getting more vital each day. While older and seasonal voters are waiting to make their way to the polls, young people still feel counted out from the political process. There are plenty of young voters that don't feel as if their voices are getting heard. Young adults, in the 18 to 25 range, are undecided or have given up on whom to vote for in 2020. 
Dr. Harold Bennett, the host of Give it Some Thought, sat down with ITC students Andre Lloyd and Chris Weems to discuss their thoughts about the 2020 democratic debate and what part of the panel event did they find the most appealing.  
Bennett, Lloyd, and Weems also talked about how today's politics coincides with the events happening in the United States, including gun control, racism, and social injustice.
Listen to the discussion above: