Are We Revealing Too Much Skin on Social Media?

WAOKAM: On-Demand
Thursday, September 12th
In today’s society, a new form of communication is social media. The platform allows people to chat with one another, post blogs of information, and display unforgettable pictures that will last forever. However, people who have access to social media can use it as a way to post obscene and graphic images for thousands of viewers to see.

On this recent edition of Love and Relationships with Friends, hosts Sean Garvey and Gabby Bell discuss whether or not social media is the new porn. Garvey and Bell also asked the question Who does the most sexually explicit posting on social media? Men or women?

Special guests Ms. Figure 8, author Tori Lynn, comedian Senator P, and internet radio personality Keyz weighed in on the conversation to share their thoughts.

Listen to part one of the discussion above: