Ceasar Mitchell on corruption at Atlanta City Hall

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The Rashad Richey Morning Show
July 02, 2018 - 8:30 pm

Former Atlanta City Council President, and former Mayoral candidate, Ceasar Mitchell stopped by today and talked corruption, the FBI, the GBI, his responsibility after leaving office and life after politics.

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Ceasar Mitchell on "Life After Politics" (3:46 mins)

After every tough campaign, someone has to go home and think about what's next. And when the election does not go your way, that can be a daunting task. But not for Ceasar Mitchell. He's enjoying spending time with his family and "being an Uber for his little ones." But he's not being a stay-at-home-Dad. He's also working for one of the largest law firms in the world.

Ceasar Mitchell on "His Blackness" (4:00 mins)

After his controversial endorsement of Mary Norwood, Ceasar took a lot of heat from members of his community that, as Rashad puts, "questioned his blackness." Many people were not aware that Mary and Ceasar had served on the council together as At-Large Members and had known each other for a very long time. As Mitchell puts it, "we have a good relationship, and believe it or not, we've ALWAYS had a good relationship." Rashad asked Mitchell what he thought when members of his community "questioned his blackness." Find out what he said below:

Ceasar Mitchell on "His Responsibility After Leaving Office" (3:18 mins)

Mitchell explains that "the title is just a title." He says that he "entered this whole thing with a heart of service," and that's what he'll continue to do. Serve. He says, "You don't need a title to serve the community."

Ceasar Mitchell on "The Prior Campaign / Being The Adult In The Room" (4:25 mins)

Rashad brings up the fact that many in the community would often tell him they wished that Mitchell would "clap back" and "hit back harder" at his opponents. Mitchell says, "that's not who I am." He says, "We're at a point in our culture where politics has become more like entertainment. People expect to be entertained, particularly in a campaign setting. And that's unfortunate." He goes on to say, "I think we should evaluate public officials and those seeking office, based on how they'll lead and govern, and not the theatre that they put on." Watch the rest below:

Ceasar Mitchell Goes "On The Phones"

Ceasar is gracious enough to take some calls with Rashad and answered a few questions from the public. Check out how it went down below: