Father Punishes Son By Taking Tablet Off Him

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Voices In The Streets Unfiltered: Do you need corporal punishment to raise a child effectively?

Check out our Alternative Ways to Discipline Your Children.

WAOK Staff
October 12, 2020 - 3:16 pm

BY: CJ Washington

Voices in the streets unfiltered hosts C2DAJ and Just_Jaymin speak about corporal punishment with the WAOK Listeners.  Do you need corporal punishment to raise a child effectively?  We also created a list of alternative ways to discipline your child. check them out below. 


  1. Make them do chores
  2. Military style punishment ( wall-sits, push ups)
  3. Write out a rules & reglations list
  4. Rewarding good behavior
  5. Take away from all privileges
  6. Make them read a book on the black story
  7. Ignore mild behavior

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