Derrick Boazman, Gabby Bell with Elisabeth Omilami, and Tron Austin

Photo Credit: Brenda Yelling/RADIO.COM

Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless CEO Elisabeth Omilami Speaks with Tron Austin Son of Singer Chilli From TLC

Tron Austin Speaking on Why He Came Out To Hosea Helps

Too Much Truth With Derrick Boazman
November 20, 2019 - 2:44 pm

BY: CJ Washington

Too Much Truth with Derrick Boazman along with the rest of the WAOK team went out to help Hosea Feeds the Hungry & Homeless with their annual event Hosea Helps.  Derrick, and guest host Gabby Bell, spoke with Tron Austin, son of Grammy Award-winning singer Chilli from "TLC" and super producer Dallas Austin. 

Tron speaks about why he felt the need to come out and support Hosea Helps, while also getting a chance to speak with Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless CEO, Elisabeth Omilami, who loved Tron’s spirit.

She loved that although he is the son of two prominent musicians he was not letting that stop him from making a difference and having a heart. Tron Austin takes pride in being able to donate and care for his community in need. As sweet and caring as his parents are, it was bound to be in his blood to carry a charitable spirit.   ​

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