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Starbucks says goodbye to harmful plastic straws

July 20, 2018 - 10:28 am

What’s your 1Thing? It looks like consumer favorite, Starbucks, is doing their part by eliminating the plastic straws inserted in the billions of cups that are served.   The popular coffee hangout made the announcement  July 9th. . You may have seen documentaries on Netflix about the harmful effects of plastic in our oceans. If you haven't, they are definitely eye openinng and will certainly have you rethinking how your household uses plastic.  It’s simply amazing to see just how much damage one little plastic straw could cause. It's quite sad when you think about it and what it does to our environment. 

As consumers, we can also do our part as we purchase our favorite Starbucks beverage. Starbucks offers reusable cups with a straw-less lid for $1. We spend a buck on useless items easily! The next time you head to Starbucks ask about the reusable cup.  While it may not seem to be that important, it starts with just one person, one company,  one city.  Imagine how many cups your favorite Starbucks uses in one day. Now multiply that at least 24,000 times! Kudos to Starbucks for caring about it’s footprint in this world we live in! The next time you’re eating out, skip the straw and do 1Thing to help our planet! It's the only one we have!