Trump Supporter Calls in to Defend President's Visit to Atlanta on Sisters in Law

By Sean Garvey

Sisters In Law with Janice and Davida Mathis
November 13, 2019 - 2:49 pm

On this edition of Sisters in Law, Janice and Davida Mathis go head to head with conservative talk radio host Shelly Wynter about President Donald Trump's policies and his black conservative supporters attending the recent rally in Atlanta. 

Wynter called in to dispute the report that black conservatives were allegedly paid to participate in Trump's rally, his disappointment in the Democratic party, background checks on guns, and his views on taxes being raised for the upper class. Janice and Davida presented a different argument towards Wynter to discuss what the Republican party has done to harm the middle and lower class during President Trump's term in office. 

Listen to the full debate below.