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Opinion: Rashad Richey Explains The Allure Of Black Panther

Real Talk With Dr. Rashad Richey
February 20, 2018 - 5:49 pm

You know I’ve got to break down the Black Pride you’re seeing all over the country right now for the movie Black Panther. 

You may get it, but some people don’t, and not to worry, NO SPOILERS HERE.

I saw the movie and afterward, I felt like the King of Zamunda. Now there are a lot of people on social media saying "this is only a movie, what’s up with all the hype about Black Pride"? 

Well, let me explain. 

The truth is Hollywood doesn’t have a great track record portraying the African homeland in such a majestic way. The movie also features a majority African-American cast, has a black director and continues to break cinema records all across the country.

All are worthy of celebrating.

And let me address people who are “trippin'” on other people who decided to wear African apparel or kente cloths to see the movie.  I didn’t hear anyone complaining when folks dressed like storm troopers or Darth Vader to see Star Wars. When iconic movies like this come along, people respond to the energy and display their fondness in many ways. It’s COOL!

Black History Month is also about celebrating current accomplishments.

I would say this qualifies.