Photo courtesy - Ebenezer Baptist Church / Richard DuCree

Rashad Richey breaks down Democratic debate.

By Rashad Richey

The Rashad Richey Morning Show
June 28, 2019 - 1:23 pm

Ok… 20 presidential candidates recently took the stage in the first Democratic Primary Debate. What did we learn… well, even though the issue of reparations for decedents of slaves has been a campaign topic, social topic, and even a congressional topic… it wasn’t a debate topic. GO FIGURE! With 20 people on 2 debate stages, I can’t give you a breakdown of everybody but here’s my Real Talk analysis.

In the first debate, Julian Castro had a break out performance and showed his mastery of various subjects, Senator Corey Booker was strong and heavy on policy. Senator Warren was Senator Warren; content heavy with real plans. New York Mayor Bill Deblasio and Congresswoman Gabbard get honorable mentions.

The second debate, Joe Biden was the guy to beat and he got beat. No question, Sen. Kamala Harris was the victor in style and substance. Hickenlooper was hicken-horrible and Yang just couldn’t get it together. But what are your thoughts?