Angela Stanton-King Speaks on her Personal Life and Support

Photo By: Sean Garvey

Activist and author Angela Stanton-King speaks on her experience with adversity and why she supports President Donald Trump.

By: Sean Garvey

On Point with Juandolyn Stokes
February 03, 2020 - 3:25 pm

Juandolyn Stokes talked to Angela Stanton-King during her new mid-day program, On Point with Juandolyn Stokes. King is a national best selling author, activist, political pundit, founder of the American King Foundation and owner of Station Publishing House. 

King discussed her experience with adversity as a young woman, her family ties with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., support for President Donald Trump's policies, and her position on the First Step Act. Stokes also asked King if she thinks Trump is a racist or not. 

Hear the conversation below.