(Photo Credit: Candidate Campaigns)

Tharon Johnson: Democrats Have To Fire Up The Base

Resources necessary to get out message and respond to attacks

Maria Boynton
June 12, 2018 - 4:59 pm

Not only would history be made in Georgia, but the entire country. If Stacey Abrams is elected governor, she'd be the first black female to lead any state. But, according to democratic strategist Tharon Johnson, "we win if we can continue to raise the amount of resources from national and local donors to have enough money to get her message out and also to respond to the attacks that are going to come her way. So, Johnson says they have to fire up the base and make sure they turn out to vote.

Abrams, who won 76% of the vote against fellow democrat Stacey Evans to capture the party's nomination, will face either Lt. Governor Casey Cagle or Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the November General Election. The Republican Primary runoff election is in July.

"We've got to find 300,000 more voters", says Johnson. Where might they come from? Johnson, who is a panelist on the weekly political program The Georgia Gang, and is often seen on CNN for his political views,  believes there's a coalition of voters, people who are going to be inspired by the Abrams candidacy, newly registered voters. He also believes the Abrams campaign will be able to "draw disaffected, republican, surburban, college-education women, who don't like the direction that this president is taking our country."

But, Johnson doesn't want Georgians to become so focused on the aspect of electing the first black female governor. "There are some white voters that will be turned off by that." So, Johnson says, "we've got to make it about the issues, who can continue the progress that Governor Deal has made in the state, and more importantly, who can continue to bring all georgians together."