Her family says that Joycelyn Savage was 19 when she was "lured away" by singer R. Kelly

(Photo Credit: The Savage Family)

Attorney: "Surviving R. Kelly" G-Rated Compared To What's Really Going On

Family: Please stop blaming us

Maria Boynton
January 07, 2019 - 6:15 pm

Tim Savage says, "We just had our third Christmas without her." He's referring to his now-23 year old daughter Joycelyn. She was 19 years old, according to her parents, when Joycelyn left home and was pretty much "kidnapped" by R & B singer R. Kelly. He's the focus of the new docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly." The Savages, including wife Jonjelyn, and they're attorney Gerald Griggs, are hopeful that knowledge will educate the public and prosecutors as to what goes on behind closed doors in the R. Kelly household.

Last summer, the chart-topping singer was accused of abusing women, and running a 'cult' out of a house in the Atlanta surburb John's Creek. No charges were brought on the matter.

Meantime, Attorney Griggs is optimistic that Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard will bring formal charges against Kelly soon. "He (Kelly) has escalated. I think the number of people coming out, including hs wife and his brothers, is startling."

Listen to my interview with the Savages and Griggs below.