(Photo Credit: National Education Association)

NEA Vice President Becky Pringle: Racial Justice Is Education Justice

Respect And Better Pay On Teacher Wish Lists

Maria Boynton
May 08, 2018 - 9:42 am

Today is National Teacher Day and the entire week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. It's the time, according to National Education Association Vice President Becky Pringle, to show appreciation to teachers and other educators. 

"We're asking everyone to take some time out to thank a teacher."

According to Pringle, not only would teachers appreciate a "thank you", but resources, support, respect, along with books and technology are also on their wish lists. Those are among the items that teachers have been asking for for years. And, not having those things and more, Pringle says, is the reason teachers spoke up loudly when President Donald Trump and other politicians called for them to be armed in the classroom. "They have so much responsibility already", and Pringle says, teachers are speaking up and saying "we've had enough." 

Pringle, who heads NEA's effort to combat institutional racism, says classrooms across the country are now majority students of color. "We know that, as a system, public education is part of that structural racism that exists in our schools, that leads to inequities throughout classrooms across this nation."