(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)

Georgia Lawmakers Condemn Actions of Officer in Grandmother's Arrest

Officer resigns as investigation begins

Maria Boynton
May 11, 2018 - 9:22 pm

A police officer has resigned after video surfaced of his mistreatment of a grandmother during a traffic stop. He is seen yelling at 65 year old Rose Campbell 'Shut the f*** up and get out of the car!'  The now-former officer is identified as James Legg.

In the dashcam video, Campbell is seen and heard screaming at the top of her lungs, and calling for a supervisor. Her arms are cuffed behind her back. Several officers are at her vehicle. The confrontation occurred near GA 400 and Windward Parkway.

It all stemmed from a traffic stop in the metro Atlanta, Georgia, city of Alpharetta on the night of May 4, 2018. The grandmother, who was earning money as a Lyft driver, had been pulled over for drifting into another lane. The initial officer, identified in reports as, Michael Swerdlove, issued Campbell a citation, but when she refused to sign it and asked for a supervisor, is when it became even worse.

Watch the Video of Rose Campbell's Arrest

Hours before Legg resigned, Alpharetta Police Department public safety chief John Robison released a video statement on social media in which he said "There are aspects about this video that simply do not represent our organization." Robison also said they "are going to be 100 percent transparent."

Word of Legg's arrest came shortly before State Representative Erica Thomas and members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus held a Friday afternoon news conference to condemn Legg's actions and to show support for Campbell.

Watch as Georgia Lawmakers and Rose Campbell Talk About Her Arrest

The Atlanta NAACP had called for the officer to be terminated and charged. "There was no reason for them to manhandle a 65 year old grandmother for failure to maintain lane when she was merely asking for a supervisor to be brought to the scene", said the NAACP's Gerald Griggs, an Atlanta attorney. He went on to say, "Police brutality is worse and we need to do something about it immediately. Fulton County has no place for that, City of Alpharetta has no place for that, especially the birthplace of Dr. King, and so we need them to act immediately by charging and firing the officer."