Protest in Brunswick GA the day after the arrests of Gregory and Travis McMichael in the death of Ahmaud Arbery

(Photo Credit: Gerald Griggs)

Crump: They’re Just Killing Black People

Tragic death details of Kevin, Ahmaud, and Breonna

Maria Boynton
May 20, 2020 - 8:10 pm

Now that the country’s opening back up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Civil Rights attorney Benjamin Crump says “it seems we’re back to business as usual.” It is clear, says Crump,  “that the precedence in America for over 400 years has been when white people kill black people they are not held accountable and nothing has changed in all this time.”

What has changed says Crump is “we now have more ocular proof, visual evidence, objective video proof.” The videos are in “vivid color” he says, and “people cannot say it’s not happening as they used to.” And once they see it, adds Crump “you cannot unsee it.”

Crump is an attorney for the family of Ahmaud Arbery, the young black man who was shot and killed in February in Brunswick, Georgia. Two white men are charged with murder and aggravated assault. Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested on May 7, more than 2 months after Arbery’s death. There have been protests in Atlanta and in Brunswick calling for justice.

Yet, Crump believes Atlanta should also be demanding justice for Kevin Marshall, who he says was “developmentally disabled.” The 20 year old young black man was run over and killed in Covington, Georgia in July 2019. “That was Ahmaud Arbery before Ahmaud Arbery” says Crump.

Marshall’s accused killer was on the run for 2 weeks until he was apprehended in New York. Joshua Anderson, who is white,  is charged with Malice Murder in Marshall’s death.

Both Arbery and Marshall were killed in “broad daylight.”

Crump has filed a lawsuit against the Louisville (KY) Metro Police Department on behalf of the family of Breonna Taylor.

In March, the 26 year old black woman was shot and killed by three police officers during what is being called a ‘botched’ police raid into her Louisville home.

Attorney Crump told V103’s Frank Ski on the Morning Culture Wednesday that the officers “wildly fired 25-30 rounds” into Taylor’s apartment.

Crump also laments about how claims of ‘self-defense’ and ‘stand your ground’ don’t mean the same for blacks as it does for whites.

“We have to make sure our community understands the system because that’s the only way we can overcome the system”, says Crump.