​Photos are Courtesy of MARTA

MARTA Board to Vote on $2.7 Billion Expansion Plan Over 40 Years

Includes 29 miles of light rail and 13 miles of bus rapid transit lines

Maria Boynton
October 03, 2018 - 3:29 pm

It was more than 2 years in the making, the 40-year $2.7 billion dollar plan.  Voters in Atlanta approved a half-penny sales tax in 2016. It was for transit operations and construction. During that period, MARTA asked the public for its input.

The time has come for the MARTA Board of Directors to vote on the final project list, which includes 13 miles of bus rapid transit lines, 29 miles of light rail, the renovation of existing rail stations, three arterial rapid transit routes, and other improvements.

MARTA's Board of Directors will vote on the final project list tomorrow.

I recently spoke with MARTA Assistant General Manager of Planning Bill Limmer. At the time, the transit agency was soliciting public input on the projects. We talked about areas of the metro that are working to expand the agency for their residents, and about the fluctuation in MARTA ridership.

Please click below to listen to the interview with Bill Limmer.