(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)

Atlanta Mayor: U.S. Must Tackle Immigration In Compassionate And Humane Way

Keisha Lance Bottoms says "we must act today!"

Maria Boynton
June 21, 2018 - 6:42 pm

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says for the long-term the U.S."has to tackle immigration reform in a compassionate and humane way." Mayor Bottoms was speaking during a news conference at Atlanta City Hall Thursday addressing her Executive Order on immigration.

Bottoms is sticking with her Order, despite President Donald Trump now deciding to allow detained parents to be kept with their children. Since May, thousands of children have been taken from parents who are awaiting prosecution. The parents apparently crossed the southern border of the U.S. illegally.  Critics contend that President Trump's latest move does nothing to reconnect the families.

The Atlanta Mayor also told V103/WAOK's Maria Boynton that this country "can't make one-off decisions, and think that these one-off decisions won't have ripple effects." Bottoms said as we are looking at the zero-tolerence policy, what we are seeing are the ripple effects and it won't end with family unification. "These children have been scarred. These families have been scarred. What we are doing for a moment in time will impact families for generations."

Mayor Bottoms said it is her hope that there is a comprehensive immigration reform package that makes it through Congress and is signed by the President. "But, for this moment in time, there's not even a formalized way that these children are being tracked."

Atlanta's 40th mayor said "we are dealing with a humanity crisis now." Speaking of the more than two thousand children taken from their families already, Bottoms said, "we have to act today."  

The Atlanta mayor noted that long-term immigration reform was something that President Barak Obama had hoped to complete before his term ended.  "The responsibility", said Bottoms, "certainly does not end with one term of any elected official."

She also took a swipe at a republican candidate for Georgia governor, who has criticized her action on immigration, saying, "I don't take advice from candidates who hold shotguns at children."  Bottoms, apparently referring to Brian Kemp, Georgia's Secretary of State, who aired a controversial campaign ad, in-which he appeared to point a double-barrel shotgun at a teenager. Kemp is in a runoff next month against fellow Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. Both are proponents of strict immigration laws.