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No Gulch Vote Today: Atlanta Mayor Bottoms Puts Brakes on Call for Vote On $1.75B Redevelopment

Bottoms Called Out Council Members Not Onboard. They Balked at Rushed Timeline.

Maria Boynton
September 17, 2018 - 4:22 pm

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has decided to postpone pushing for a vote today on the proposal to redevelop the area known as the Gulch.  

It's the "hole in the ground", as Bottoms calls it, that is located near Mercedes Benz Stadium and State Farm (formerly Philips) Arena. Currently, it's parking lots and railroad tracks. The Mayor says it would become 1 Million square feet of office, retail, and housing.

During an early-morning push to win support of Atlanta City Council on the project, which appeared headed for a vote today,  Mayor Bottoms called out, by name,  members of the council who had yet to get onboard with her plan to redevelop the Gulch.

Appearing on V103's Frank and Wanda Morning Show this morning, the Mayor said she needed the support of members Andre Dickens, Matt Westmoreland, Amir Farokhi, Dustin Hillis, and Natalyn Archibong. Bottoms, talking about the vast need for affordable housing in the city, which this deal purports to provide, specifically named 5 members as those who "represent communities who are in need" of affordable housing.

I also spoke with Mayor Bottoms this morning about the Gulch project and what it would mean to residents needing housing in the city.


I recently spoke to Atlanta City Council member Michael Julian Bond, who agreed that the area needed to be redeveloped. We spoke prior to the 650-page proposal that was presented to members of Council.


When I spoke to Matt Westmoreland last night, he said it was a "rushed timeline" between receiving the 650-page proposal to having a vote by the entire council.


A short time after appearing on V103 Monday morning, the Mayor's Office issued the following statement regarding the Gulch Redevelopment proposals pending before the Atlanta City Council:

“For the past several months, members of my Administration have been working to finalize a deal to redevelop the Gulch area in downtown Atlanta. We have negotiated an unprecedented deal that will transform a 40-acre hole in the ground and make tens of millions in significant investments in other parts of our city related to affordability, equity, and opportunity.  We recognize and respect that members of Council, and the public, need more time to understand the largest development deal in our city’s history.  I have no intention of asking the authors of these proposals to request a vote on these proposals today. Members of my Administration will continue to work with members of Council and the public to better understand the substantial benefits we have negotiated and the benefits this project will bring to our entire city.”