Recent City Council work session on the Public Confidence & Accountability Legislation

(Photo Credit: @PresidentFeliciaMoore)

Felicia Moore: Compliance Office Would Hold Us Accountable In Following The Law

Office would have subpoena powers and access to all records

Maria Boynton
February 11, 2019 - 12:25 pm

Under regulations approved by Atlanta City Council, those using city-issued credit cards would have to abide by a list of terms. Also, legislation proposed by City Council President Felicia Moore calls for the creation of an Office of Independent Compliance. Both are among efforts, by the city's governing body, to ensure, according to Moore, "that the City, its employees, and vendors conduct business in a manner which is honest, transparent, lawful and in the best interests of its residents." Moore goes on to say that the Office of Independent Complaince will "address accountability from the trajectories of both adherence and enforcement."

After 20 years as a member of Atlanta City Council, and 4 as a Council staff member before that, Felicia Moore has been President of Atlanta City Council for a year
(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)

During Mayor Kasim Reed's 8 years in office, City Hall was inundated with charges of corrupt and unethical practices, which have lead to convictions and jailings of former administration officials. Now, with seven new members of Atlanta City Council, President Moore, is leading the charge to create checks and balances, and there-by avoiding allegations of corruption.

According to the Public Confidence & Accountability Legislation: The purpose of the Office of Independent Compliance is to protect the integrity of the government of the City of Atlanta by prohibiting any official, employee, vendor contractor/consultant, appointee or members of any of the city’s boards, authorities, commissions, agencies, organizations etc. from engaging in any action that is not in compliance with the city’s charter, code, or any external regulations including, but not limited to, county, state, federal and other laws.

Click below to hear Moore talk about the duties of the proposed Independent Compliance Office