Fabian Williams says his goal is to turn Atlanta into an arts-tourism destination.

(Photo Credit: @charlesmitchelljr)

Fabian Williams: Kaepernick's Message Valuable - Ya'll Gonna See It Everywhere

His Murals Destroyed Artist Hopes to turn Atlanta into an Arts-Tourism Destination

Maria Boynton
February 04, 2019 - 2:49 pm

The destruction of an abandoned building, on-which muralist Fabian Williams had drawn Colin Kaepernick and Muhammad Ali, could lead to a whole renaissance in the cultural arts scene in Atlanta. It will have started as Super Bowl 53 was about to happen here and on the first day of Black History Month 2019. The building, apparently abandoned for many years, was located at the intersection of Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard and Fair Street on the west side of the city. Williams started using it as a canvas 2 years ago, just as Kaepernick was starting to kneel at NFL games to protest what he perceives as the country’s treatment of racial minorities.

Muralist Fabian Williams looks at the remains of the building that featured his Kaepernick mural
(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton/Entercom Atlanta)

Williams says his goal is to "turn Atlanta into an arts-tourism destination." But says it would be different from works seen in other cities. "We 'bout that life", adds Williams, "I really want our work to be about telling the truth and telling it like it is. Atlanta does that anyway, so I feel it'll be a natural thing for us." According to Williams, he wants to pull others from around the world to Atlanta so they can experience the beauty that is created here. "We already have the music, so now it's now for the visual arts to rise to the surface and show people what we're about."

As the Super Bowl was being played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Williams and friends were painting new murals of Kaepernick around town.

Click below to here my interview with Fabian Williams at the site where his murals were destroyed.