(Photo Credit: Steve Eberhardt)

Activists Say March For Our Lives Was 70,000 Strong At Least

Focus next on lobbying lawmakers and voter registration

Maria Boynton
March 26, 2018 - 2:08 pm

Organizers of Saturday's March For Our Lives ATL, say there were as-many-as 70,000 participants, though the Atlanta Police Department estimates there were 30,000. Gerald Griggs with the Atlanta NAACP says "it was bigger than the Women's March", which drew 65,000 in Atlanta in January 2017.  And, he should know, he organized it.

The marchers, many of whom were students, were sparked into action by survivors of the Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February. Starting at the Centers for Human and Civil Rights, the tens of thousands of participants marched to Liberty Plaza for singing and speeches.

So what's next? 

Royce Mann, the 16 year old Atlanta tenth grader who lead the march and rally says, "while Saturday was a monumental step in this movement, it was only the beginning, and we ask those who marched on Saturday as well as those who did not, to join us in our continued fight to end gun violence and pass common sense gun legislation." For real, positive change to occur, Mann adds, "this must be a united and sustained effort."

Griggs, says the March organizers have created the Georgia Student Alliance for Social Justice as a new part of the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice. According to Griggs, "they plan on lobbying the Georgia Legislature on Thursday and register more new young voters ahead of the May and November election."

(Photo Credit: Steve Eberhardt)