Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams to Qualify for Governor

By: Amanda Cooper

March 07, 2018 - 7:54 pm

Qualifying for the Georgia Governor’s race and other statewide races began earlier this week.

Democratic Candidate Stacey Abrams stood tall as she filled out the paperwork to put her name on the ballot. If Abrams, a former House Minority Leader for the Georgia General Assembly and State Representative for the 89th House District, wins she will make history as the first African-American woman Governor in Georgia and nation-wide. She will also be the first democratic to win since 2002.

Abrams spoke with 1380 WAOK News Anchor, Amanda Cooper, and shared why she is running for Governor of Georgia.

Although women represent more than half the American population, they account for just a fifth of all U.S. representatives and senators, and one in four state lawmakers. A record number of women advanced in congressional and state legislative races. Most of the candidates are Democrats, a national trend fueled largely by frustration over the election of President Donald Trump and actions by his administration and Republicans in Congress. Issues such as health care and immigration are prime motivators.

Currently, Abrams’ supporters have donated $2.5 million dollars to help weaken the Republican Party’s stronghold. USA Today reported that Susan Sandler, a San Francisco philanthropist, is spending $1 million dollars to boost Abrams campaign. They also reported that Sandler has also recruited other big donors and has commitments for another $1 million.  

The Gubernatorial Candidates for the Democratic Party are Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans.  The Republican Candidates are Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, former state Sen. Hunter Hill, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, businessman Clay Tippins and state Sen. Michael Williams

The qualifying period ends March 9th at 12:00pm.

On a lighter note, Stacey Abrams shared 5 things that she loves about Georgia and why she is the best candidate.