(Photo Credit: Justice On Trail Media Kit/The Chad Cooper Company)

The Movie "Justice On Trial" Brings Black History Month to Life

Amanda Cooper
February 04, 2020 - 10:13 pm

Black History Month comes to life in the highly anticipated movie Justice on Trial. The movie details the powerful story of two civil rights attorneys who sue the U.S. Department of Justice for reparations and damages done against African Americans.  

What fuses the past history to the present-day are the witnesses that are called to testify. Throughout the movie time travel is used to transport icon witnesses who have endured extreme racism and injustice from whites during their plight towards justice. One by one, each witness comes to the present-day trial to testify to a mixed-cultural jury. 

The movie debuts February 16th in select AMC theaters nationwide and features WAOK's News Director Maria Boynton along with Dr. Chad LawsonCooper, Alicia Robinson Cooper. The film also includes Hollywood actors Todd Bridges and Dorian Wilson.

(Photo Credit: The Chad Cooper Company on Broadway)

Watch the official trailer:

For more information about the movie or to book screenings for large groups visit http://justiceontrialthemovie.com