Photo Credit-Amanda Cooper-Entercom Radio Atlanta

Neo Nazis Rally for White Rights in Newnan Georgia

Amanda Cooper
April 24, 2018 - 10:46 am

Neo-Nazis exercised their first and second amendment rights in Greenville Street Park in Newnan Georgia.

Members of the National Socialist Movement, a white nationalist organization that has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, gained a permit last month to hold a political rally from 3 to 5 p.m. at a park. 
Although the event drew a little over one thousand and it caused a shutdown of the local businesses and more than 700 law enforcement officers from 42 agencies were present.

City Officials were concern about the potential of violence that could occur after the horrific aftermath that happened in Charlottesville, VA last year with demonstrators and counter-protesters clashing in the streets.
Many remembered the An Ohio man, described by police as a Nazi sympathizer, drove his car through a crowd of pedestrians, killing one woman and injuring at least 19 others.

In a speech, Jeff Schoep, who leads the National Socialist Movement and was also at the rally in Charlottesville, said that they were there "standing on behalf of white nationalism, white patriotism and our history as American people." Chants of Nazis Suck and Newnan Strong echoed through the crown from hundreds of people including some activists of the anti-fascist group known as Antifa standing behind a wire fence barricade that was guarded by police in riot gear. 

The counter-protesters had been demonstrating downtown for hours before the white nationalist rally. They marched through the streets and waved signs that said, "Smash white supremacy" and "Love thy neighbor," while a helicopter pulled a banner that said, "Newnan believes in love for all." There were only ten reported arrest and no violence ensued. The cost of the rally is unknown, but many suspect that the excessive layers of police coverage cost the city over 100,000 dollars.