The King Family & Van Jones discuss Criminal Justice Reform

This FREE event will also feature a screening of the original series "The Redemption Project with Van Jones."

Amanda Cooper
May 23, 2019 - 10:11 am

Tonight the entire King Family and Van Jones are hosting a FREE screening of "The Redemption Project with Van Jones” at the Martin Luther King National Park Site at 6:30PM!!!

This screening will be followed by a criminal justice reform panel discussion with Van Jones, Bernice King, Angela Stanton-King, Pamela Winn, Ricky Brown, and community leaders, along with Q&A. Tickets are free along with a donation of any amount to American King Foundation.

Listen as I sit down with Angela Staton-King, Founder of The American King Foundation, to learn more about this event and her organization.

Seating is limited, so click the link and register to confirm your spot!