Georgia House and Senate Democrats Oppose Kemp's Medicaid Waiver Proposal

Amanda Cooper
December 04, 2019 - 5:23 pm

House Democratic Whip William Boddie, along with several state house and senate democrats, are concerned that Georgia is in the middle of a health care crisis.

During a recent press conference, democratic representatives urged residents to sign a petition to stop Governor Brian Kemp’s Medicaid Waiver Proposal. According to the Georgia House Democratic Caucus, Kemp’s proposal cost more but covers less and leaves roughly 38% of the population excluded if the plan is approved. Legislators have the opportunity to allow for full Medicaid expansion and receive federal funding to fix the state’s health care crisis. 

I had an opportunity to speak with Rep. Boddie about Governor Kemp's Medicaid Waiver and why he is passionate about urging Georgians to sign the petition to oppose the proposal. 

State Representative Karen Bennett also spoke about Kemp's Medicaid Waiver. Bennett who is with the Georgia Black Legislative Caucus addressed the adverse impact the proposal would have on the African-American community.

To sign the Petition, visit