Florida Commissioner Holds Peace Rally to Pay Tribute to Gregory Hill

Amanda Cooper
June 08, 2018 - 6:03 pm

A peace rally was held in Fort Pierce, Fl today in show of opposition to the $4.00 settlement verdict in the shooting death of Gregory Hill. Fort Pierce City Commissioner Reggie Sessions says he was attending a conference on preventing crime in the black community when he heard about the verdict. The Commissioner said that it prompted him to take action and organize a peace rally to show solidarity with Hill's family.

The shooting of unarmed Gregory Hill made national news when a St. Lucie County jury awarded Hill’s family $4.00 in a lawsuit settlement on May 24th. Sheriff Ken Mascara was found negligent and 1 percent liable for the shooting, making the Sheriff's Office accountable for just 4 cents. Hill, a father of three and was shot by Mascara while inside of his closed garage.

In an interview with WOAK’s Rashad Richey, Hill’s fiancee’, Monique Davis, shares her thoughts about the settlement.


The peace rally took place at Pinewood  Park across the street from the Fort Pierce police station. From there a crowd marched to the courthouse to gather for a ceremony that paid tribute to Hill.