Why No One Cares About Stormy Daniels



There was a day and time when the idea of the President of the United States of America buying prostitutes, cheating on his wife or cavorting with porn stars would be the end of that person’s public life.  One needs to look no further than Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, Jon Edwards or Anthony Weiner to see the damage that a man’s uncontrolled sexual desires can have on his pollical career and personal life.  However, that day and time is not 2018.  And in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement, a consensual sexual relationship between a man and some prostitutes that took place years before they took office is not enough to bring out the angry mobs to demand resignation or impeachment.  In sum, no one cares anymore.

                I am by no means condoning adultery, prostitution or being spanked by a porn star with a magazine that has your face on it.  But in the modern political environment that is just not enough to outrage people.  Last year, the #MeToo movement torn the scab off the disgusting nature of men in politics, entertainment and corporate life.  When you compare the details of what the President is accused of and compare that to Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby or Kevin Spacey it is hard for the public to really be outraged.  We are desensitized to simply amoral behavior and now require more to run someone out of office.

                Because of this cultural desensitization, it takes more to draw the publics ire.  Without pictures or video for the public to poor over and dominate a news cycle most people simply are uninterested in the entire thing.  Today there cameras everywhere and it is assumed that everything will be recorded, and video proof should be available.  The lack of this (to this point) is partially why the story has not picked up steam.  In the era of snapchat, Instagram, youtube, facebook and twitter if there is no video then it didn’t happen as far as many people are concerned.

                Further, at the current political juncture people just have more important things to worry about.  We are on the brink of Nuclear War with Korea, a Trade War with China, Russia is hacking our elections and much of the country still hasn’t recovered from the financial collapse of 2008.  Because of this most people can’t take the time to be concerned with this.  Unlike the 90s when Bill Clinton governed over 8 years of peace and prosperity and thus people had time to pay attention to the DNA stain on a blue dress, today we don’t have the luxury of getting all ginned up over this sort of scandal. 

                Finally, Trump has in many has become “Scandal-Proof”.  Over the last 40 years President Trump has built a persona as a billionaire, Playboy, mogul, celebrity.  And as part of that persona, Trump has made it clear that this is exactly the sort of thing that he does.  None of this is a surprise to the public.  Most people assumed that Billionaires had sex with porn stars on a regular basis and because of this Trump is held to that standard.  Now if this was Vice President Mike Pence, Christian conservative from the Midwest, having sex with prostitutes then it probably would register far more with the public.  But because Trump has never claimed to be an evangelical Christian or particularly religious at all, the public holds him to the standard of a celebrity not a clergyman.

                Neither Stormy Daniels or any other sex scandal will bring down or even slow down the Trump administration.  The public has changed from what is was 20 years ago or even 5 years ago.  For this reason, the media is best to stick this in their back pocket until they have something juicy enough to grab the publics attention and rally them to action.  But as of right now, this story is funny but not particularly significant and thus is considered #FakeNews by most people.