What you Need To Know About the Hands-Free Driving Law in Georgia

Amanda Cooper
June 04, 2018 - 7:13 pm

USA Sports Images/© Press Association

In just a few weeks,  Georgia will be joining 15 other states that have ban drivers from holding or cradling a  mobile phone or electronic wireless device when driving. Many say that July 1st is a landmark day for transportation safety in Georgia as the Hands-Free Georgia Act goes into effect. 

Most Georgians are still unclear about the bill and how it will directly affect them. If you are wondering what you can and cannot do, listed below is an overview:

•    When driving, you will not be allowed to cradle or hold a phone or other electronic wireless device behind the wheel, unless you are making an emergency call.

•    You cannot use more than one button to answer or use a mobile phone, and you cannot reach for your device if it requires the unbuckling of your seat belt.

•    You can only use GPS, voice-to-text features and can make and receive phone calls hands-free. 

•    If your vehicle is not a Bluetooth-capable car, you are allowed to use single-ear headphones, Bluetooth earpieces, or an earbud with a microphone.

If you are issued a citation, penalties for breaking the law are as follows:

•    First-time offenders get one point on their license and a $50 fine. 

•    The second offense is two points and $100. 

•    The third offense is three points and $150.

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that 1,549 people died on Georgia’s roads in 2017 and that number could decrease by almost 250 deaths per year if we all follow the Hands- Free Georgia Act Law. 

Law enforcement, emergency, and utility workers are still allowed to use their phones.