Two large sinkholes shut down a busy road in Gwinnett County

Amanda Cooper
June 21, 2018 - 6:49 pm

Two sinkholes just a few spaces away from each other swallowed up a pine tree in Gwinnett County. This morning emergency crews arrived at Venture Drive between Pleasant Hill Road and Steve Reynolds Boulevard where they discovered two sinkholes that are 20 to 30 feet across and close to 20 feet deep. It’s reported that the ground caved in at a parking lot on Venture Drive where Lanier Creek runs underneath.  A spokesman stated that the pits are on private property and the pipes failed, causing a washout under the asphalt. Local business owner Jimmie Eldridge told WSB-TV that crews have been working in that area for a while and that he was surprised that the sinkhole happened after they just covered up that area. 

Authorities have blocked Venture Drive as emergency crews continue to repair the sinkholes.