Tiffany Moss Sentenced To Death In Child Starvation Trial

Lericia Harris
May 01, 2019 - 9:56 am

Bob Andres / Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP


A Gwinnett County stepmother has been sentenced to death for the murder of her stepdaughter.

A jury handed down Georgia’s first death sentence in over five years to Tiffany Moss on Tuesday. She was convicted of starving ten-year-old Emani to death in the fall of 2013. Authorities say Emani weighed only 32 pounds when her body was found.

Monday jurors found Moss guilty of murder, cruelty to children, and concealing a murder. She represented herself during her trial but never offered any defense nor cross-examined any witnesses.

Moss is set to die by lethal injection between June 7 and 14. However, according to the Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office, that date is improbable because of automatic case review and appeals.

The girl's father Eman Moss was convicted for his role in the death in 2015 and is serving a life sentence.

Moss is the only woman on death row in Georgia. If executed, she’ll become the third woman put to death in the state’s history.