The Untold Story Of The Police Killing Of Sanchez Lowe In Cobb County

The Rashad Richey Morning Show
June 29, 2020 - 7:29 pm
Bianca Billingsly Lowe, with her attorney Che Karenga, came on The Rashad Richey Morning Show to discuss the brutal killing of her brother, Sanchez Lowe. Karenga recently filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against those involved and is confident civil justice will be served.
Ms. Lowe shared that she is hoping to gain criminal justice for her brother as well, due to the video evidence presented, which is contrary to the police report that stated Mr. Lowe "dragged" an officer.
Karenga maintains that the police report is inaccurate and that Sanchez never put any officer in danger.
The incident started over suspected marijuana use in April of 2018 outside of a hotel in Austell, GA. When the officer encountered Mr. Lowe, it quickly escalated into a deadly situation after the officer fired three rounds into the young man's body.
After officers searched Sanchez Lowe, they found no weapons or drugs on his person.
Listen to the full interview below.
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