Slutty Vegan Set to Open 13 More Locations

By: Jaymin Harris

The Rashad Richey Morning Show
February 04, 2020 - 10:27 am
Pinky Cole

Photo By: Jaymin Harris/ WAOK


Founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan, Pinky Cole, wakes up with The Rashad Richey Morning Show.

Dr. Rashad Richey and Pinky Cole talk about what's new for Slutty Vegan, including a tour, new locations and Pinky's work philosophy. Pinky shared her secrets to success. 

"The reason why Slutty Vegan has gotten so much success is because I'm good to people," Cole said. "When you're good to people, the universe is gonna be good right back to you."

Cole shared memories of her first interview with Dr. Richey three years ago and credited the morning show host for introducing the Slutty Vegan concept to the masses. Pinky said she loves that people come to Slutty Vegan out of curiosity, but remain loyal customers. 

"We're helping people re-imagine food," said Cole. and the success she's experienced only shows her there's a long way to go.

"Success to me is when I can utilize all my resources to change a lot of the disparities that we're dealing with in the world," said Cole. "I ain't got there yet."

In a year and a half, Cole has opened two food trucks, a restaurant, "and we have two new locations opening in the next two months," Cole said.

"We're going to open 13 locations in the next three years."

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