Rashad Richey and Kathy Walker Talk TK H2O IV Hydration and Wellness

By: Jaymin Harris

The Rashad Richey Morning Show
November 08, 2019 - 9:27 am

Photo By: Jaymin Harris / WAOK


Dr. Rashad Richey sits down with Kathy Walker, CEO and owner of TK H2O IV Hydration and Wellness to discuss the benefits of using IV Hydration and if it may be right for you. TK H2O IV Hydration & Wellness is a Hydration Drip Service that offers a variety of IV hydration and vitamin therapy that is designed to boost energy, relieve pain, improve performance, alleviate hangovers, rejuvenate skin and improve clients overall well-being. TK H2O IV Hydration and Wellness is located in Midtown Atlanta and also offers Mobile services

To learn more about TK H20 Hydration and Wellness visit https://www.tkh2odrip.com/ and make an appointment or call 404.400.2400