Criminals Are Leaving Clayton County: Courtesy of Victor Hill

The Rashad Richey Morning Show
August 14, 2020 - 5:19 pm
Sheriff Victor Hill

Sourced through Facebook


An under-reported, but eye-opening criminal statistics reports was recently released that highlights the vast decline in crime in Clayton County, GA. The top lawman for the county is Sheriff Victor Hill, a public figure who has had his controversies, but traversed them all. Sheriff hill is popular with the locals, considered an urban legend by many and feared by criminals for his direct approach to rooting out violent crimes and those who sell illegal drugs.

It seems this top cop has developed a winning strategy for crime reduction; homicides, burglary, robbery and theft are all down. These are not minor decreases. Burglary alone is down virtually 20% while homicide is down by over 8%. People can say what they want about Sheriff Hill, and he has his critics, but based on the numbers, it's clear he keeps his county and community safe.