Black and Hispanic CNN Reporter Released After Arrest During Minneapolis Protest Coverage

May 29, 2020 - 10:30 am

Live on television, a black and Hispanic CNN reporter was arrested by Minneapolis police while covering the scene of violent, fiery riots that supporters say is meant to show authorities that black lives matter.

Reporter Omar Jimenez was live on camera during his inexplicable arrest and stayed quiet, calm and polite while they hauled him away.

Police initially said he was arrested because he was told to move and didn't ... but the video told a different story. Gov. Tim Walz ordered his immediate release, apologized to CNN, and is expected to address it during a 10 a.m. central time press conference, which will be carried live on WCCO.

This comes as the city burns during a series of nightly, escalating violence and rage protesting the death of George Floyd, a black man who passed away after a Minneapolis cop knelt on the back of his neck for at least seven minutes during an arrest for a minor offense. Information later came to the light that the cop with his knee on Floyd's neck has 12 previous complaints against him, and that potential Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, now a Minneapolis senator, had refused to prosecute him in an earlier case.

In Jimenez' arrest, public reaction to the arrest was swift, with many noting on social media they couldn't believe they were watching it happen live. 

And many noted the disparity in the fact a black man peacefully doing his job was arrested while a white man who killed a man during an arrest walks free. An FBI and internal investigation are playing out against the four officers involved in Floyd's deadly arrest. While many have called for criminal charges, including the mayor, none has yet been forthcoming.

As for CNN, the company released a statement saying the arrest was a clear violation of the reporter's First Amendment rights.

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