TMT: What Should Stan Do?

Is Stan Wrong for This?

Too Much Truth With Derrick Boazman
October 09, 2020 - 4:00 pm
Close-up of a father dancing with his daughter at her wedding

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BY: CJ Washington



Derrick Boazman host of Too Much Truth spoke about a very interesting scenario.  We asked the WAOK listeners to help out with the situation.  Check out what some of their advice was for this scenario.





SCENARIO: My name is Stan. I'm a 54-year-old man. My wife, Renee, and I have been married for 22 years. She had 2 beautiful daughters from her previous marriage. The girls were 5 & 7 when we met. Their father who is a doctor, abandoned them after he and Renee divorced. He remarried and took care of his new family. Meanwhile I've always taken care of his girls as if they were my own. Renee has been a stay at home wife majority of our marriage. I'm a blue collar worker.

I once asked her about seeking the doc for child support. Her reply was we don't need him, we have you. I asked to adopt the girls, but Renee insisted the doc wouldn't agree to it. Regardless I continued to take care of my family. I put both girls through college, brought both a car and was present at all their school events. I'm currently footing the bill for the eldest daughter’s wedding and helping the youngest take care of her 5 yr. old. I'm the only "Papa" the baby knows.

The doc recently divorced his wife and has been trying to repair the relationship with his daughters. My daughter told me she wanted her biological dad to give her away & do the father daughter dance. I was devastated! I suggested we both walk her down the aisle. Renee interfered and told me I'm just the step-dad and not to mess up her special day. I feel so broken. I have decided that I will not attend the wedding nor pay the remaining $10k balance after I already paid $12k on the wedding. My wife has called me petty and threatened to divorce me if I mess up the wedding. However, I'm standing firm on my decision.

Is he wrong?


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