Rashad Richey Asks Should Laughing Be A Federal Case?

Real Talk With Dr. Rashad Richey
May 05, 2017 - 12:54 pm
Real Talk with Rashad Richey

(Credit: Sonia Murray/Entercom Atlanta)

Did anybody notice that the Department of Justice headed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to prosecute a 61 year old woman for laughing during his Senate confirmation hearing?

That’s no joke… Disiree Fairooz was present during the Senate confirmation hearing of then Senator Jeff Sessions, another Senator named Shelby  said that Sessions, who was trying to become the Attorney General had a “clear and well-documented” history of “treating all Americans equally under the law.” Well Ms. Fairooz thought the comment was funny and LAUGHED! The Capitol police removed her, arrested her, booked her and the Department of Justice went forward with a case against her. Yes they literally made laughing a federal case.

Ms. Fairooz was convicted and now faces one year in lockup.

So let me get this right; the guy she laughed at ended up becoming US Attorney General and his office decided to prosecute her…for laughing at him.

Remember this is from the same DOJ who NOW refuses to prosecute rogue cops or even take criminal justice reform seriously. Is this the America you want?

Listen below.

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