Clayco Deputy Fired in Roderick Walker Beating

Walker is granted a signature bond

Maria Boynton
September 13, 2020 - 2:06 pm
Screenshot from video of Roderick Walker and Clayton County GA deputies

(Photo Credit: Instagram)


Georgia NAACP Vice President Gerald Griggs confirms that a Clayton County Georgia Deputy seen in video punching a man has been fired.

Attorneys for Roderick Walker had called for the officer to be fired and for the immediate release of a Roderick Walker.

According to Griggs, “it is my understanding that a signature bond has been granted to Mr. Walker, so all of our demands have been met.”

A rally is scheduled for 2 this afternoon outside the Clayton County Courthouse
hand out

A rally is planned for 2:00 this afternoon outside of the Clayton County Courthouse in Jonesboro.

According to Griggs Walker was in a rideshare vehicle Friday when the driver was stopped by officers for a broken tail light.  Walker, a passenger, was asked for his driver’s license.

Walker, according to Griggs, did not have a license and asked why the officer needed to see his license. That’s when the altercation occurred according to Griggs.

“I think there should be an investigation by a third-party, specifically the GBI to get to the bottom of what happened”, says the Atlanta attorney.

Griggs calls “grotesque” the beating that was seen in video being done to Walker. A released photo shows Walker with a swollen eye.