Rashad Richey In-Depth Exclusive: Human Rights Leader, Joe Beasley Talks About Cop Who Pointed Gun At Him

By: Jaymin Harris

Real Talk With Dr. Rashad Richey
October 01, 2019 - 12:27 pm

Photo By: Jaymin Harris/ WAOK

Dr. Rashad Richey sits down with human rights activist, Dr. Joe Beasley (82), to discuss recent events that involved a gun being drawn on him by an Atlanta police officer.

Beasley turned down a street in northwest Atlanta on his way to his office, but was stopped by an Atlanta police officer pointing a gun at him. Though the incident did not escalate past a gun being drawn, but Dr. Beasley still feared for his life. 

"I'm a retired police officer myself, 21 years," said Beasley. "I know the use of force. The use of force would suggest if you draw your firearm you use it, and not only do you use it, you shoot to kill. And I thought I was a dead piece of meat." 

In response, APD stated: "The drawing of the weapon is not consistent with APD’s training and we will be addressing that internally." 

Beasley accepted the apology, but still demands penalty for the officer. 

Full interview below: