Black Business Boom: A One-Stop Digital Marketing Hub for Black-Owned Businesses

Real Estate 101 with Mary Gill
June 20, 2020 - 2:19 pm
Mary Gill and Danielle McGee

Photo By: Jaymin Harris/ WAOK


Danielle McGee, the founder of Black Business Boom, comes onto Real Estate 101 with Mary Gill to discuss how her platform creates opportunities for black owned businesses.

What started as an app for special offers has evolved into a comprehensive digital engagement, education, and strategic marketing system that provides cost-effective tools and services to Black business owners. In addition to the Boomin Digital Suite which includes a website builder and puts customer feedback, SEO, and e-marketing at their fingertips, Black Business Boom also offers full service marketing support, coaching, educational workshops, and recently launched BlackOwnedNashville, a local directory of over 800+ Black owned businesses and counting. 

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Listen to the full interview below: