New Report Shows GDOT is Partially Responsible for the 85 Bridge Collapse

April 11, 2018 - 5:46 pm

ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia Department of Transportation is partially responsible for a fire that caused a section of interstate to collapse last year in Atlanta, federal investigators said in a report released Wednesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in the report that the department’s decision to store construction materials under the bridge increased the risk of fire, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported . The report cited what the NTSB says was the department’s “failure to assess the increased fire risk due to the presence of these combustible materials.”

GDOT said in a statement that it cooperated in the preparation of the NTSB’s national alert and appreciates the valuable guidance. The state agency also said it has already taken steps to make sure nothing like that happens again in Georgia.

A report from the state fire marshal last year said GDOT should reconsider storing construction materials under highways.