Help Reduce Gun Interest with “SUIT UP, GUNS DOWN” PROJECT

May 31, 2018 - 6:33 pm

ATLANTA, GA-The causes of youth gun interest are complex and while focusing on just a single variable will probably not prevent accidental shootings or interest in a gun, understanding and preventing youth gun incidences should be a national priority.  The causes of gun interest in youth are complex. There are usually multiple factors acting together that promote attraction to a device that was manufactured to take a life or bring about serious harm. Some factors, like social rejection from peers, seem to be more related to these multiple accidents. Other factors, like poverty, appear to play a larger role in street/friend orientation accidental shootings. But many factors, like family influences, personality traits, exposure to media violence and access to guns, play a role in both types of youth gun accidents and incidences that occur.

The “Suit Up, Gun Down” project initiative launch, is centered on changing the mind-set of male youth’s interest in guns to decrease gun accidents through the means of attire base and feel empowered with suit and tie orientation. 

“Suit Up, Guns Down”, will award 75 male high school students FREE suits donated from Men’s Warehouse Clothing Store, at Cascade Family Skate Center, Friday June 1, 2018.

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